Steelers News Notes and Other Stuff

The Pittsburgh Steelers come out of Rookie Camp with no injuries and 2 players from the most recent draft signed.   Chris  Rainey and Almeda Ta’amu both signed  early.  As for the Play of the Rookie’s from a local insider/beat writer (Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post Gazette)  he said it compared unfavorably to the Pittsburgh Maulers Football Football team.

For those of you that are late to the Party, the Maulers were a USFL Team that lasted only a couple of seasons in Pittsburgh.   They were not very good, and certainly not good enough to be sustainable.

Some good news has come from the camp though. Their are more than a couple analysts that expect both David Decastro and Mike Adams both to be starters for the Steelers in the fall. Both have big frames and real talent. This will cause some definite movement in the current offensive line, but moves for the better including a possible Willie Colon move to guard opposite Decastro.

In other Steelers related news, Big Ben went back to school and finished his degree this spring. He had only 4 classes left so he was able to get that done and  walk in this years class of graduates at Miami of Ohio. Unfortunately he had that kind of time this spring after a disappointing end to this season. This seems to be a recent trend for players that come out early or leave before they have time to finish. It is nice to see, and an accomplishment by any standard.

As far as big news this past week, the biggest news came from the Steelers biggest rival and that was the Loss of Terrell Suggs.  Suggs tore his Achilles tendon which in most cases would mean that he would not return to the team this year. He vows that he will return by December, but that will certainly be a wait and see thing.  How does that affect the Steelers?

This is a guy that single handedly tortures the Steelers and Big Ben.  Couple that with the overall decline of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, it will certainly makes this conference wide open again.


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