Sometimes Luck Better Than Being Good

The New Orleans Saints had more than a little luck on their side last night in their last second win over the 49ers.  The game, which had been another mostly defensive showdown, became quite back and forth in the scoring in the 2nd half.  The win came down to the buzzer with the Saints having the luck to come out on top.

For the first half, it was another showcase of defense as so many games this season have been so far.  Very low scoring, 9 to 7 at the half with the Saints leading.  An early game safety started things off followed by two TDs, one for each team, and that was all the scoring there was.

In the third quarter, both teams scored a single touchdown.  Defense was the name of the game on both sides of the ball.  I think that has to be the mantra for this entire season so far.  Defense is the showcase not offense.  Low scoring games, games won with 5 field goals, games won because of defenses forcing turnovers.  It’s the way things are going this year.

The fourth quarter saw both teams get another single TD each with the 49ers converting a 2 point attempt after and making it.  The score was now tied 22 all.  Time is ticking away.  Overtime looks like a very real possibility.  The Saints get into field goal range and Garrett Hartley kicks a 37 yard field goal that floats through the goal posts as regulation game time expires.  Saints win 25-22.

Sometimes being lucky is better than being good….it was for the Saints.

© photo credit: JosephLeonardo

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