News comes out today confirming Adam Schefter’s report of yesterday on ESPN that Daunte Culpepper has signed on to play in the United Football League for the Sacramento Mountain Lions.  The move reunites him with the coach who drafted him to the Vikings in 1999 Dennis Green.  Culpepper will be introduced to his new teammates on Wednesday afternoon and later this week   It’s definitely a win-win for Green and the UFL, but for Culpepper?  I’m not so sure.

Culpepper has thrown for 24,153 yards with 149 touchdowns and 82 interceptions in his 11 year NFL career.  Last year, he played backup to Matthew Stafford for the Detroit Lions.  Culpepper hasn’t played an entire NFL season since 2004.

Culpepper can bring a lot of “name recognition” to the UFL.  He can bring a lot of hype by reuniting with the coach who drafted him into the NFL.  He can give a lot of advice to the young guys playing on his UFL team who have big dreams of making it to the NFL someday.  He can make a lot of money.  But the one thing he won’t do, is be good enough or healthy enough to play an entire season. He just doesn’t have that capability anymore.

He can also sign with an NFL team after the end of the UFL season in November.  That’s not going to happen either barring some freak occurrence.    And he’s not going to be another Kurt Warner.  The guy who went from the NFL to the UFL back to the NFL and to a Super Bowl.  It’s not going to happen….not to Daunte Culpepper.  It’s the kind of story where you read it and go, really and then you sigh.  It’s the watching of someone walking to their career end.  Just kind of sad.

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