Sidney Rice Has a Hip Injury, Take That Cris Carter

Why do previous NFL football players criticize the current ones? Seriously, it’s in poor taste. The latest one to run his mouth is former Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter. Carter is whining about the fact that Sidney Rice didn’t go to Larry’s Fitzgerald‘s group weekend in Minnesota. Rice made the ProBowl last year, and credited Fitzgerald with getting him in shape. Carter, of course, really believes in Fitzgerald’s workouts as well.

This year, Rice didn’t show up for Fitzgerald’s workouts and that sent Carter into pissyland. He made cracks about Rice not making the workouts and that would mean he wouldn’t do as well. Like his ego is just too big to go to a workout. Apparently, though, Rice has a hip injury. He’s trying to get in shape, without overdoing it, so he can be in shape for the start of the season. So there, Cris Carter!

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