It’s like a tale from the old west or perhaps even the Bible depending on which side you’re on.  Can the Cowboys win a showdown like one at the OK Corral or will the Giants be victorious although that Bible story didn’t work out too well for the Giants did it?

This is the game of the weekend in the NFL in my opinion.  All of the other games have some form of scenario to decide what the post season will look like for those teams.  Some even have multiple scenarios.  The game between the Cowboys and Giants has only one.  Win.  To get into the playoffs a team must win this game and this game alone.  It’s just that simple and that difficult.

Everything for these two teams is riding on this game.  Their entire seasons and their entire post season hopes.  One game.  Sixty minutes of football to decide it all.  There’s not much more pressure than that.  Two very similar teams in a lot of ways and it may come down to just two players when it is all said and done.

Tony Romo and Eli Manning.  To me, these two are very much the same.  They are above average QBs but they are not elite.  Even though there are those in the media and in their teams who would say they are elite, they are not.  They both have penchant for becoming painfully average at just the wrong time.  They both have spurts of great football.  They both have spurts of abysmal football.  They both play on teams with talented players around them.  They both make good decisions at times and bad ones at others.  They are very similar.  I wouldn’t pin hopes of getting to a Super Bowl on either one, though Eli has actually done so.

Romo is coming off a bruised throwing hand injury.  He and his team say that he is ready to play.  That is something that remains to be seen.  Manning on the other hand is coming off quite a resurgence after a terrible stretch of football.  The Giants appear to be on the upswing.  The Giants appear to have the momentum.

In this game though, as in much every other very important game, it will come down to two things.  Proper decision making/play calling and lack of mistakes (turnovers/penalties).  Which team and which team’s leader can accomplish those two things best.  That’s what this game comes down to.

There is no tomorrow for these teams.  Sunday night is a showdown.  The winner goes on into the post season and the loser goes home.

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