Should The Arizona Cardinals Draft Reiff or Floyd?

The Arizona Cardinals have some distinct needs at certain positions on their roster, and they should be able to address one of them with the No. 13 overall pick. But which will it be?

The answer to that question largely depends on which prospects are taken with the first 12 picks. It could be that the players that they really like are off the board by the time their pick rolls around. However, there are certain scenarios where they’ll have their choice of either Iowa OT Riley Reiff or Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd, both of whom would make an impact as rookies.

Both Bob McManaman and Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic offered their respective takes on the Reiff vs. Floyd debate this week. Each argument centers on which upgrade will bolster the team’s QB play more: better O-line play or another strong target down field.

One or both of the two players may be off the board when Arizona picks, and it’s possible that even if they are both still available the Cards will go another direction — another pass-rusher would be a big help on D. Just another wide-open position for Thursday night.


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