Should RG3 go back to school?

Yes and no.  Here’s the thing.  If the Colts play themselves out of the number one pick, and the Rams (who might get it) take Andrew Luck, then RG3 is going to be sitting right there for the Colts to pick.  Now, imagine this.  He WILL sit his fanny on the bench as long as Peyton Manning plays and he WILL be happy to do so to learn from Peyton Manning.

Now, take his raw ability and add to that the teaching of the smartest quarterback who ever lived.  What do you get when you come out on the other end?  A total badass.  You take one guy who is the perfect pocket passer.  You add him to a guy who has so much will and so much heart that he turned around BAYLOR football.  Let me repeat that.  BAYLOR football.  You put those two guys together and the result will be a monster when Peyton does retire.

Now, this is all assuming that the Colts play out of the top spot, RG3 comes out of school, and the Colts want him.  If I were RG3 I would NOT want to go to the Browns or the Rams or some other horrid team like that.

If he stays in school, he is practically guaranteed to go number one or two next time around.  However, he wouldn’t have Peyton Manning mentoring him.  That could be a problem and he could still end up with a bad team like the Rams or the Browns or the Cardinals.  This guy is in a precarious position, but I wouldn’t have wanted to go to the Panthers if I were Cam Newton, and look how that turned out for him.

This is an even split, but RG3 is a really good kid, and I know he’ll make the right decision.



  1. Bills Fan says:

    Who knows what will happen. RG III could easily fall out of the lottery picks once he shows up to the combine. Is he really a guarantee to be a “complete badass” if he backs up Peyton? Did you watch the Colts this year? The truth is nobody wants to be a backup heading into the pros because they want to play and have a chance to develop on the field. It helped Aaron Rodgers, but then again Rodgers had a lot more similarities to Favre then this combo would. Lets not forget this kid played at Baylor in the Big 12 where nobody plays defense at all. He had an excellent season and has tons of athletic talent, but in the pros there are many great athletes and many defenses much better then what the Big 12 has to offer.

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