Should McCoy Stay or Should He Go?

Should they or shouldn’t they?  The off season dilemma of the Cleveland Browns lasted until a Thursday night in April at the NFL Draft.

Many in the Cleveland media thought drafting a quarterback was an essential move for the Browns.  Most fans weren’t sure.  Still the team used one of its two first round draft picks in April to take Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Was it the move to make, especially since the Browns had a young, talented quarterback already in Colt McCoy.  McCoy came into the past season as the starter, yet without the benefits of OTA’s under new coach Pat Shurmur and his west coast offense.

Still McCoy battled, and battled.  Eventually succumbing to a concussion in week 14 and didn’t play again.  The media was in an uproar.  McCoy had to go.  The Browns so called “experiment” was over and in order to succeed, they needed a new quarterback to take over.

Now, according to the media again, McCoy has to go.  The Browns, in the media’s opinion, cannot go into this season with Weeden and McCoy on the roster.  In order to save the season and the future of the Browns, McCoy must go.

There appears to be a pair of suitors for McCoy’s services.  Philadelphia and the Green Bay Packers.  Two Super Bowl contenders want him as a backup, yet the Browns, again according to the media, need to dump him.  Make sure you understand this.  The Media of Cleveland believes McCoy is good enough to be a backup for a Super Bowl contender, yet not be a starter for a perennial losing Cleveland Browns franchise.

Maybe the Browns aren’t willing to give up McCoy just yet.  Shurmur may want to go into training camp in July with a roster full of QB’s and go from there.  Or maybe the second year coach feels he needs to keep McCoy around during Weeden’s rookie season as an insurance policy, or once camp starts the Eagles and Packers could see how bad their respective backup QB options are and then give the Browns exactly what they want.

Whichever way this pans out, Cleveland is doing the right thing by not cutting McCoy just because they have a stable of QBs right now. This should be interesting to watch unfold over the next few months for sure.

If the media will allow it.

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