Set Me Free, Why Don’t Ya Babe

Cowboys vs. Packers
Patrick Crayton of the Dallas Cowboys wants to be set free, let be, released from the team.  The Cowboys said no.  Crayton still thinks he won’t be a Cowboy come the start of the season.  He hasn’t attended the optional training camp sessions, but says that IF he is still a Cowboy come mandatory training camp time, he will be there.  He still wants out though.

Crayton apparently got his uniform in a bunch when he learned through outside sources that the Cowboys had tried to move him during the NFL draft without mentioning it to him.  He felt that they had betrayed him…but then he added in that it’s just the business.  Well, which is it?  Betrayal or business?  It’s kind of like back room deal politics.  Everyone knows it goes on, but it doesn’t make it any more palatable for outsiders.  Everyone in the NFL knows that teams make the “hey, what about this guy for that guy” deals during the trade.  A type of trade “feeler.”  If someone bites with something really interesting, a trade might happen.  More often than not though, it’s just all so much talk.  The player generally hasn’t got a clue it’s going on and it happens ALL the time.

Does it make it betrayal? I’m quite certain it doesn’t feel good to find out the team whose uniform you wear to work is trying to schlep you off behind your back as it were, but since you and everyone else in the NFL knows it goes on…it’s not really betrayal is it?  It’s just distasteful.  The kind of thing that makes you feel dirty and used.  But it goes on all the time and whining about it won’t change anything.

I think Crayton’s REAL beef is that with the acquisition of Dez Bryant, the Cowboys receiving corps just gets that much more crowded making it even harder to get your in game touches.  Receivers are all about how many times they get the ball each game.  All of them are.  Some are just more vocal about it than others.  Crayton is just worried that with anywhere from 4-6 receivers in the pack, his catches per game are going to diminish measurably.  Add to that the perceived going behind the back moves and you have one very disgruntled player.

Will Crayton be in a Cowboys uniform when the season opens?  If the team doesn’t get a really good in kind trade deal, you bet he will.  Will he be happy about it?  Not one bit.  It remains to be seen if a poor attitude translates to Romo bypassing Crayton for his many other options.  Be careful what you wish for, you just might end up on a team you want off of riding the bench for the season.

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