“Secret Meetings” Continue

Conference room
Everything’s a secret nowadays.  The players and owners were having “secret” meetings, and then the players met with the lawyers in Minnesota.  What does all of this mean?

Well, nobody knows what the players and their lawyers discussed, but one could surmise the following:

The players and owners are close to a deal.  However, the players sued the owners in federal court for anti-trust violations.  So, if you’re going to get a deal done it’s probably not wise to continue to sue your employers (whom you reconciled with) over something that you just–reconciled.

So, if I had my guess, it would be that the players are trying to figure out if they’re in a safe enough position to drop the lawsuit.  Or, if their lawyers think they should keep the pedal to the metal until everything is finalized.  It’s not only a fair question, but it’s an astute question.

What if the owners get wind of the lawsuit being dropped and they decide they don’t like the deal they’re about to sign?  I’ve seen people go back on deals with FAR less to go on.  All is not well in Munchkinland until the two sides sign a CBA that takes us into the future.

I also appreciate that these meetings are “secretly not secret.”  I find it’s their way of telling us that they’re doing something without telling us exactly what they’re doing.  Everyone’s getting a little jittery, and even more so now that the NBA is about to go into a lockout.  That would be two concurrent lockouts in North American sports and that’s just not a good thing.

As the “secretly not secret” meetings continue let’s hope that my lawsuit theory doesn’t come to pass and one side or the other gets cold feet.  We’re so very close!

Creative Commons License photo credit: earthisthering

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