SEC Wants More BCS Seats at the Table

There is a change coming in the way college football pronounces a National champion.  However the method, of course, is coming with several coaches and conferences kicking and screaming.

The SEC, the conference that has brought us the most National Champions in the BCS era, including the last six straight, is yelling the most.  Yes, the same conference that also brought us the only National Champion in Alabama to not only miss out winning their conference title, but their division title too.  It seems they want to have a 4 team tournament that includes, what they call, the best 4 teams in the nation.

Many would agree with that.  However what is the adjudication that delivers the “four best teams” into the tourney?  That is still open to debate.  But let it be said the SEC believes that if the four best teams are out of their conference, then so be it.  However if they come from another conference and it shuts out the SEC, well then we have another attitude down south.

Football coaches from the SEC were in unison Tuesday that they want a proposed four-team playoff to include the best teams in the country – and not be tied to conference champions.  That is their opinion now, when the SEC is flying high.  But conference domination is cyclical.  Soon another league will be on top.  How will the SEC feel then if they are no longer the supposed “superior” conference?

Jim Delany, the commissioner of the Big Ten, wants a four team tourney to include only conference champions.  This is upsetting to SEC commissioner Mike Slive, who feels the best four teams should be included.  That determination has yet to be discussed.

”Our league has been consistent that if you’re going to have a four-team playoff that the best four teams ought to be selected to play for the national championship,” Slive said. ”If the issue is how teams are selected, then let’s go and talk about the selection process and make the selection process more palatable to everybody rather than try to gerrymander who the top four teams are.”

Slive is only doing what he should; protect the interests of the SEC.  Meanwhile the BCS needs to come up with a better way to determine a National championship.  The process has been losing confidence from everyone over the years, but never so much as last year.  The National Championship game was the lowest viewed Title game in history, many blaming it on the rematch between Alabama and LSU.

The victory by the Tide, in many eyes, only proved each team could win one against each other.  Meanwhile the better team, also in many eyes in Oklahoma State, didn’t get a sniff despite winning their conference and division with the same record as Alabama.

LSU’s Les Miles, Alabama’s Nick Saban and several other coaches in the SEC made it clear that limiting a four-team playoff to conference champs likely would benefit everyone outside the SEC.  Certainly that is the case but why should a runner up of the SEC be held in more esteem than a conference champion with the same record?  That scenario should not happen.

The formula should be to prove you’re a champion before you can play for a championship.

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