Schiano the Man for Tampa Bay

After a near miss with Oregon’s Chip Kelley, Tampa Bay has set its sights on another college coach.  Greg Schiano of Rutgers is expected to be the new head coach of the Bucs as early as Thursday.

All that is left before the announcement are the particulars on Schiano’s contract.  Tampa Bay was this close before with Kelly before the deal fell through.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter is saying nothing like that is expected with Schiano.

The 45 year old Schiano turned around a dormant program at Rutgers over the past 11 years.  Schiano has posted a winning record in six of the past seven seasons, with a record of 56-33 in that span. His overall head coaching record is 67-66.

After Kelly turned the Bucs down, they began their search over.  According to reports they turned to Bill Belichick for a recommendation.  When Schiano’s name came up, The Tampa Bay brass was given glowing reports from Belichick.

Schiano has NFL coaching experience.  He was a defensive assistant with the Chicago Bears from 1966 through 1998.   After that he was the defensive coordinator at the University of Miami.

Schiano is known as a disciplinarian who pays attention to the details.  That is something the Bucs had troubles with this year.  The team failed at the little things time and time again, which included penalties and turnovers.

Mike Sherman, Marty Schottenheimer, Rod Chudzinski and Tom Clements all interviewed for the position.  But Schiano’s credentials and he references put him over the top.

Looking at the comments made on the internet since his name was disclosed, Schiano isn’t a popular coaching choice.  Comments have been made he would make a good Defensive coordinator.  Others said his clock management techniques won’t fit into the NFL.  Whatever the reason, Tampa feels Schiano is the correct fit.

It’s always interesting to see how a college coach steps into the NFL and how their system relates to those playing for money.  Schiano has been a run oriented coach with Rutgers.  In Tampa he will step into a run oriented offense, led by LaGarrett Blount.  Tampa is not devoid of talent, but Schiano will have his work cut out for him.

This is not the first time the Bucs have grabbed a college coach.  Their first head coach and GM was John McKay from USC.  McKay and the Bucs started out slowly, but finished strong.

Tampa Bay fans hope for the same ending.

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