Save Us The Misery

The madness that is college football realignment continues on an almost daily basis.  It will continue for perhaps as long as the next 2 years maybe even 3.  We may all be insane by then trying to keep up with the moves and “alleged” moves.

Missouri says their not moving and staying put.  Missouri says they are considering moving.  Missouri says they want an invite from the SEC.  The Big East lets TCU say they are moving there.  The Big 12 asks TCU to come there.  TCU says they are thinking about the Big 12.  The Big East claims that they will continue expansion.  The SEC says no more expansion.  The Tennessee AD says the SEC will most definitely expand.  Do you have a headache yet?  Do you feel as if the room is spinning endlessly? Don’t worry, if you don’t, you will and soon.

This is going to continue for the next 2 to 3 years.  The conferences will be gaining and losing.  Rumors will be out almost every single day.  People will be trying to cover the truth and others will just flat out lie.  It will be impossible to know what is and what is not the truth of the matter.  And let’s not forget all this saying you will move, then saying you might not and then saying you might move somewhere else – what does that do to scheduling plans, recruiting options, television and other revenues.  Those things are planned or decided on a whim or the spur of the moment.  They take years.  Chaos fulfilled.

The NCAA, or maybe not since they are claiming the college football is not a business, or at the very least the current conferences need to just stop all this insanity and save us the misery.  Just divide the colleges into 4 conferences and then tell the schools that if you’re not in one of these 4 you need to try to get into one of these 4 because these 4 conferences will be all that’s left standing and if you want to get an AQ to a bowl or even be close to smelling a bowl game, you need to get into one of these conferences.

The schools need to just fall in line and do it.  Forget all this jumping and moving, bobbing and weaving.  Save us all the misery and just do it.  Accept the fact of what is coming and get in line.  Or keep the hopping around and end up in one of the “outside” conferences and become irrelevant.  It’s just that simple.

Of course, since this is the NCAA nothing will be simple or easy.  It will be chaotic and ridiculous.  It will take years to sort out and in the meantime, the rest of us will be subjected to the rumors, the misdirection, the chaos for the next 2 to 3 years.  All aboard the crazy train.

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