Save Me Urban Meyer

365/8 - BCS Champions Night - Urban Meyer
So Urban Meyer retires from coaching college football, again.  What is he? The Brett Favre of the NCAA? Twice in 12 months he has retired.  The first he said was for health reasons and his family and he came back to the team within days.  This time, he again says it is for his family.  But the rumors have already started flying as to why he REALLY retired this time.

Meyer retired within 2 days of Josh McDaniel’s firing from th Denver Broncos.  You know, the Broncos, they are home to Meyer’s favorite quarterback of all time, Tim Tebow.  A quarterback that almost everyone familiar with the NFL will tell you is no where near ready to start and he may NEVER be ready.  That aside, Tebow’s only chance to learn how to play in the NFL rested squarely on McDaniel’s and with him gone, a lot of people started saying that Tebow would soon be gone too or at the very least – never playing for the Broncos. Enter Meyer.  The man who mentored Tebow throughout a glorious college career. Quite possibly the only one who can now save him.

But would Meyer really go to Denver and if he did would he be successful?  Doubtful on both counts.  I am not sure Denver wants another control freak of a coach and the spread offense isn’t going to cut it in the NFC.  Also, what about Orton?  If Meyer were to go to Denver would they just toss him aside for Tebow?  Remember the Broncos O line has HUGE problems.  Throwing Tebow in behind that line is just asking to get yourself whooped 60 to nothing.  The Broncos could possibly use Orton as a trade piece.  But do they really want to go down this road?  With an unproven QB who throws the ball wrong and a coach who runs things so tight he gives himself chest pains.  I don’t think so.

It is however probably the only hope for Tebow.  I didn’t think there was much hope for him from the jump – he just doesn’t throw right for the NFL.  He could be trained by a very long, very patient process – but that walked out the door with McDaniels.  While this rumor sounds good and gives people tons to gossip about, I don’t think there’s much to it – Urban Meyer won’t be saving anyone in Denver anytime soon.

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