Sandusky: “It’s A Sad Day”

With the passing of Joe Paterno early Sunday morning, many players and associates are expressing their condolences to the family.  As many know these thoughts and prayers do mean a lot to the grieving family.  However the world could do without one statement from a former coach.

It must be said anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty.  That is the standard our Country lives by and expects.  Sometimes that idea is hard to abide to, but it must be done.  That being said, would someone tell Jerry Sandusky his statement of condolence to the Paterno family rings hollow considering what is going on.

People have been trying to tell Sandusky and his attorney to go away and hide until the trial.  Sandusky is under the mistaken impression people want to hear him speak.  Sunday he carried that thought into a statement upon the death of Paterno.

Sandusky’s thoughts and words will not be written here.  There is no doubt to anyone Sandusky believes what he said.  What should be considered is why he should think anyone cares what he has to say and why he thinks he needs to go public saying it.

Forget the laws Sandusky allegedly broke.  Forget the ethical and moral issues behind the incident. The Paterno family, no matter what you believe, has been through a tumultuous three months.  From Joe getting his 409th career win, to the Sandusky incident breaking, to Paterno’s firing, the cancer announcement, the interview and finally, his death.

What we didn’t need was a statement from a man so callous as to believe the world, or the Paterno family needed to hear his thoughts.  Bearing the burden of Sandusky introducing his words into their time of grief.

Guilty or not, Sandusky caused these three months of turmoil.  Sandusky is awaiting trial on 52 criminal counts for what prosecutors say was sexual abuse of 10 children over 15 years. He denies the allegations.  His alleged actions, true or not, led to the downfall of Paterno.  Many believe the downfall led to today.  So why was the statement needed?

Ego maybe.  Possibly trying to turn public opinion in his favor.  Possible genuine concern.  Whatever the possibilities, there is no reason for him to issue a statement or even make his thoughts public.  It brings no one peace of mind.  It just serves as a reminder.

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