Sandusky and Penn State May Face Federal Issues

Is the Bill O’Brien party at Penn State beginning, or ending before it begins?

Court documents in the Jerry Sandusky case continue to be released.  More and more this case grows as more victims are being found and charges are brought against the former Penn State Defensive Coordinator.

Not only has the prosecution found more victims, aging in the range of 8-17.  They also have found more evidence this case spanned several years and several states.  It seems this happened not only in Pennsylvania, but also in Florida and Texas.  According to court documents, one student was abused in his own school.

Prosecutors said the alleged offenses happened from 1996 to 2009 and occurred at Sandusky’s home, in State College hotels, at Penn State athletic facilities and inside a car.

This is the first time the prosecution has been precise in revealing the ages of the children.  Currently there are ten victims brought forward, which is more than what was believed when the Grand Jury convened two years ago.  However the prosecution admits two of the boys, identified as Victim 2 and Victim 8, remain unidentified to authorities.

Victim two is the child Sandusky was allegedly found in the shower with in the men’s’ locker room on the Penn State campus.  It was because of this finding by former assistant football coach Mike McQueary that the investigation began in earnest.

Court documents show that Victim 4 endured the alleged offenses in Florida in December 1998 and January 1999, when Penn State was playing in the Outback Bowl.  Then again in Texas in December 1999, which was Sandusky’s final game in the Alamo Bowl. The report does not specify the offenses.

It is believed that since the prosecutors report alleges cross-state activity this will become a federal case also.  Just last week Penn State was issued a subpoena from the U. S. Attorney’s office in Harrisburg, showing the possibility.

This is a case Penn State will be in for at least the next couple of years.  Maybe longer if it becomes a federal issue down the road.  So for the time being, as much as PSU would like the issue to die and the new regime of Bill O’Brien to begin, the shroud of indecency will continue to drape the program and the school.

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