Ryan Promises Quieter Approach

It has finally occurred.  The great mouth of New York City has been silenced, and it only took a sub-par season from his over-hyped football team.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will not make any predictions for the upcoming 2012 NFL season.  Newspapers around the world now have extra space for more important stories, instead of printing the inane prognostications by the blowhard of NYC.

A year of predictions the Jets would win the division and Super Bowl started 12 months ago at the combine in Indianapolis.  It ended in the same city at the same college talent combine.  The Jets had reached the previous two AFC championship games, and then New York finished 8-8 this past season and missed the playoffs.

Ryan told reporters who huddled around him at the combine 2011 was a bad season and he can’t wait to move forward.  Ryan added the Jets weren’t as far from greatness as some might believe.  Yet he stopped short of any predictions.

“First off, no promises.  There’s not going to be any promises. But I will say we’re going to have a team now that I think is going to have the potential to do great things.”

The Jets have the potential, but can they harness it is the question at hand.  Ryan’s first task will be to sooth the emotions of a team that appears to be frazzled at the edges about the lack of progress shown by quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Many on the Jets, both on the record and off, have complained about Sanchez and his ineffective play.  Rumors say the Jets would be in the list of suitors for Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning if the Colts decide to cut him.  But then that will leave Sanchez in the lurch and NY will have a controversy on their hands.

But that is a problem left for later.  As for now, Ryan said even with the predictions off limits, he’ll still be outspoken and fun, but he won’t say things that hurt the team.  Many believed Ryan’s fast talk did hurt the team by giving opponents locker room fodder.

“One thing I’m totally serious about is winning,” he said. “If I think there’s something that I say, a comment that I’m going to make that pulls away from us accomplishment, then I’m not going to say it. Will I always be myself? Of course.”

Nobody inside the Jets camp or around NYC expects Ryan to completely stop his antics with the media, nor do they want him too.  It definitely fills the paper and sports talk shows around the city.  But they would like Ryan to calm down the rhetoric somewhat so it doesn’t hurt the team.

Although Ryan says he will keep things to himself more and more, only time will tell.  Give him a couple of big wins under his belt and the boastfulness may return quickly.

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