Ryan Matthews Out With a Broken Clavicle

San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Matthews has lots of hype around him. Analysts around the league predicted him to be a Top 5 running back this season. Matthews started training camp and looked great. He was involved in a car accident on July 31st. It was a minor accident but he said he felt like he had played 4 games. It seemed the offseason couldn’t get any worse for Matthews.

It’s the first preseason game for the San Diego Chargers against their opponent the Green Bay Packers. The Chargers come out on their first drive and Matthews ran the ball for 5 yards on the 3rd play of the drive. After his first play, Matthews came off the field. It seemed like he was tagging out with Ronnie Brown so that the offense could go into a pass formation. At halftime, it was reported that Matthews had a shoulder injury. By the end of the game, Matthews was diagnosed with a broken clavicle. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks with his injury. It looks like Ryan Matthews is not going to get the start he wanted for his “perfect season”.

What does this injury mean for the Chargers? The Chargers are at a crossroads. They can either make Ronnie Brown the starter for a month or they can pick up a free agent. If they make Ronnie Brown the starter then he would split carries with Curtis Brinkley and Le’Ron McClain. If they wanted to sign a free agent then the best candidates are free agents Cedric Benson and Joseph Addai. The most likely option is the Chargers will split carries between Brown and Brinkley then put the weight on Rivers and the receivers to carry the offense. I think the Chargers should be signing a cheap free agent back who can handle the amount of carries that Brown cannot. Cedric Benson could be signed with ease and then if Matthews comes back 100% healthy then Benson could be easily released.  The Chargers run game is in trouble right now and if they want to help Phillip Rivers then they need to do something soon.

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