Rookie Symposium Is First Event Cancelled

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We’ve lost an event from the NFL schedule due to the lockout, but it’s a minor event.  The Rookie Symposium is an event where rookies can meet current players, and they are taught about money and handling friends, etc.  So, it’s a good learning experience for people who are coming into a ton of money and who will be playing in the NFL.

So, is it really a big deal that they cancelled this event?  No, not yet.  I mean, you could have the NFLPA host the event.  At the very worst, the NFL cancelled so they can say, “Hey.  See, we’re missing stuff now”, and at best they just really thought they couldn’t pull it off.

From a practical perspective, this event needs to go on.  These guys need to be told, straight up, that they need to look after themselves.  They need to watch their money.  They need to realize that they will likely NOT be playing in three or four years, and that the NFL does actually stand for “Not For Long.”

They’re all kids, and if you don’t tell them these things they won’t realize it until it’s too late.

Having one event cancelled is not a big deal.  Nobody’s really going to panic until we lose the Hall of Fame game (in my opinion), and then we’ll see how desperate everybody gets.

However, it’s almost June and we’re still doing this.  Kids were still in school, and it was cold.  Now it’s hot outside and kids are out for the summer.  It’s drug on THAT long.  As the offseason programs of each team begin to crumble because the lockout is staying on, we see that the NFL has a long way to go.

I hope these guys get together and figure this out.  Maybe, one day, we’ll be calling this draft class the NFL’s lost generation.

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