Ron Dayne’s Rose Bowl Rings Stolen

You guys remember Ron Dayne? I hate even saying that sentence, because he was a favorite of mine even though he played for the Giants. Dayne is a free agent now and lives in Wisconsin, and it was reported that his Rose Bowl Rings were taken from his home. Who would want to take someone’s Rose Bowl ring? Aren’t those identifiable? Like a Van Gogh painting? Degas sculpture? Pretty hard to sell?

I suppose whoever took the rings might just keep them for their own personal enjoyment, but even that is lame. Given how short the average NFL football career is, you’d think people would let these guys keep their memories and commemorative jewelry. In fact, as far as football careers go, I’d say Dayne’s was slightly above average. He won the 1999 Heisman Trophy, was called the Dayne Train in his college days at University of Wisconsin, and was the 11th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft by the New York Giants. The Giants even went to the Super Bowl that year, in part due to the Dayne and Tiki Barber twosome.

Things went downhill after that tho, because he started to become an average runner. So in 2005 he went to the Bronco’s for a year. He had a couple decent games, and there were rumors that he was even going to start the next season, but that didn’t happen and then the Bronco’s let him go. He signed with the Texans for about a year and that was that. He’s still calling himself a free agent, but let’s face it, a couple years out of the NFL and you probably aren’t getting back in.

Back to these rings, though. In addition to the rings, a bracelet was taken as well. The jewelry was worth about $140,000, and was taken from two different places. That certainly makes it seem as if someone was out to get Dayne, which would be even more crappy. What’d he ever do to anyone?

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