Rex Grossman Sells Chicago Condo for a Loss

Am I the only one that loved Rex Grossman? The former Chicago Bears quarterback was adorable, sometimes accurate, and never beat my favorite team: The Packers. What’s not to love? Poor Rex was even called “Wrecks” by some folks. For shame!

Welcome To Unemployment
Creative Commons License photo credit: Andres Rueda

Grossman was at one point thinking that his future in Chicago was going to be a long one. Which maybe explains why people make fun of him, because Chicago quarterbacks never stay around for long. But he was confident and even bought a swanky condo in Donald Trump’s downtown Chicago apartment building, which was a two bedroom number on the 36th floor.

Grossman didn’t last long in Chicago, and is now the backup quarterback for the Redskins. And like everyone in America these days, he sold his condo recently for a big loss. He originally purchased it for $2.68 million and sold it for a $680,000 loss, according to NBC Sports.

This is just another reason I like Grossman. He’s human. I feel a bit sorry for him. That doesn’t mean I want him on my favorite team. But still, he deserves some sympathy, don’t you think?

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