Hang on to your hats!  The bell is ready to ring and Darrelle Revis is at it again.  After a subpar year, Revis is going after the New York Jets for another new contract.

If you didn’t believe this before, you have to now.  Revis is a man who over-values his talent, and will go to the ends of the earth to make you think he is the greatest cover corner ever in the NFL.  That, my friends, is far from the truth.

Two years ago, The Jets and the All-Pro cornerback agreed to a four-year, $46 million contract after a 35-day holdout.   The holdout was well publicized because it was held as the team was featured on the HBO series “Hard Knocks.”  It seemed every week was a show in itself as Revis and the Jets organization did battle off the field in hopes of reaching an agreement.

Because of that renegotiated contract, Revis made $32.5 million over the past two years.  Now his compensation drops dramatically. He is scheduled to make $7.5 million in 2012 and $6 million in 2013. At the time, the Jets gave Revis a front-loaded contract to be salary cap friendly.  Yet there is also a kicker to this story.


If you didn’t like the idea of your salary being reduced in order to help the team, why sign the deal?  Sure Revis is one of the better corners in the NFL and possibly he will be underpaid this year.  But the facts are Revis was OVER-paid the past two seasons.  There is not a cornerback, other than a guy named Deion Sanders, which deserves that kind of money.

The reason Sanders could be put into that category is twofold.  Not only was he a game changer (Revis is hardly that).  But Sanders also returned punts.  He was more valuable to his teams as they won Super Bowls.  Teams knew they were getting a player who prided himself on being the best at his craft.  One could submit Devin Hester is more valuable to the Bears because he can play not only on defense, but offense and Special teams.

Revis’s contract with the Jets has a clause which was to be thought of as “holdout” proof.   But it appears Revis doesn’t care.  This clause states the seven-year contract becomes a four-year deal if Revis misses any offseason team activities.

The 26 year old needs to grow up.  He needs different management.  Sure the NFL is tilted towards ownership.  It’s an owners league.  Any thought that the players run it are erroneous.   This is something Revis needs to understand.  Although talented, there are others just waiting for a chance.

Keep this name in mind.  Nnamdi Asomugha.  He left the Raiders one year ago rated as the top corner in the game.  Today he is an after-thought and not even near the top.  Revis has to know you might be on top today, but tomorrow you can be gone with no hope of a job.  Other teams are watching.  Certainly if he leaves the Jets, Revis will find work.  But the more this happens; the owners will take stock and remember it.

Not a good trend in the NFL.


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