Reggie Bush Has Broken Leg

Man, Reggie Bush is having one tough month. Or one crazy year, depending on how you want to look at it. The latest news is that he has broken his leg and will be out for about six weeks. When I first heard this I thought, “only six weeks? for a broken leg?” But it’s his fibula and I guess it takes a shorter time to heal.

I can’t help thinking that 2010 has been one crazy year for Bush. He got back together with Kim Kardashian. He won the Super Bowl. He broke up with Kim Kardashian. He had to give his Heisman back. He broke his leg.

What’s worse about this injury is that it happened at the very end of the game. According to FOX:

The bone in Bush’s lower right leg was broken when he was recovering his muffed punt with 6:58 remaining. He had trouble catching the ball at windy Candlestick Park and was injured during the scrum after he dove for the ball and players landed on him.

Ouch. We are sending Reggie some good healing vibes.

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