Reggie Bush Expected To Play This Weekend

It’s been a tough year for former Heisman winner Reggie Bush. The New Orleans Saints running back was the first NFL player in NCAA history to volunteer to return his Heisman Trophy because of allegations linking him to accepting money from agents during his days at USC. But Bush’s problems off of the field were not theonly woes he has faced this season. The explosive third down back of the NFC’s most talented offense broke his leg earlier this season and has missed over a month of action rehabilitating the injury.

The good news for Bush is that he will soon be back on the field and is expected to return to the lineup this weekend (although his coach Sean Payton would not confirm this). And his timing back would be perfect considering the Saints face former USC head coach and current Seattle Seahawks head coach and general manager Pete Carroll this weekend in an important match for bothsquads. The Saints need Bush back in the lineup as that reliable check down target for Drew Brees on critical third down plays.

Bush may not be a conventional running back that hits the holes between the tackles hard, but his ability to make big plays in the open field off screen passes and short passes out in the flat is as valuable to the Saints offense as any hard-nosed running back. Bush is the Saints bright shiny Ferrari and having him in the lineup on passing downs as the safety valve opens up more plays down the field for Brees  to hit the streaking wide receivers.

Brees is coming off of a mediocre stretch and I think Bush’s absence has more to do with this then most people think. Reggie Bush, love him or hate him, is that exclamation point to the Saints offensive approach and the speedy running back has the ability to make a small gain into a game-breaking play. His arrival back to the Saints will give them that necessary boost into playoff position. Bush is quite simply the jet fuel to the Saints offensive approach and having him back in the lineup will only help everyone else out on the offense.

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