Reform School

So, I wake up this morning to what I thought was the first sign of the Apocalypse and no I don’t mean the never ending congressional budget debate.  I mean, the Patriots seemingly taking Albert Haynesworth in trade for a 5th round pick or something thereabouts.

At first I thought, stop the madness.  Who in their right mind would take Haynesworth to play on their football team?  Who in their right mind would take Haynesworth to be anything?  The man last year for the Redskins was ineffective, sullen, overweight, out of shape and a whiner.  Why would anyone want that kind of player on their team and in their clubhouse?  Especially a team like the Patriots.

I then started thinking a little more about this situation and realized it might not be so bad IF Haynesworth can be reformed.  Now, if anyone can reform a player it is Belichick.  When the Patriots took Randy Moss, people felt much the same as I do now.  He had a reputation of being sullen, uncooperative, egotistic and not a team player.  He was reformed into a Patriots receiver and performed very, very well.  Until he had a relapse and was sent packing.

Haynesworth, if he can be reformed, may provide the Patriots with the very thing they have been missing in order to win even more Super Bowls.  A pass rusher.  A defender that can make things happen.  Haynesworth, if he is reformed, could be the piece of the Patriot’s puzzle that was missing.  If that turns out to be true, then every other team in the NFL has to be shaking in their cleats right about now.

But reforming Haynesworth is a BIG if.  He is going to require major reformation to return to the form he had before the Redskins.  The kind of form and player that the Patriots need.

With the Titans, Haynesworth had 199 tackles in 90 games.  He had 24 sacks.  That is the player the Patriots need.  Not the one who played for the Redskins, who in 2 seasons played in 20 games, had 42 tackles and 6.5 sacks.

If Haynesworth can be returned to his play and persona of the Titans, the Patriots have just acquired the piece of the puzzle that will allow them to win Super Bowls, maybe even this year’s Super Bowl.  But for right now it’s still a big IF as to whether Haynesworth will be changed by the Patriots reform school.

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