Rees True “Fighting” Irish

Amazingly enough, Notre Dame is getting another pass.  Easily the most problem-laden College football school in the NCAA is engaged in another dilemma surrounding their quarterback Tommy Rees.  However outside of South Bend, the story isn’t carrying.

Rees was arrested on four misdemeanor charges early Thursday after he tried to outrun police breaking up an off-campus party. Somehow Rees avoided a felony charge after Prosecutors reduced a felony battery charge.  Rees and linebacker Carlo Calabrese were arrested after a confrontation with police who arrived at a “loud party” less than a mile from campus. Calabrese, 21, was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, while Rees, 19, faces two misdemeanor counts of resisting law enforcement and one count each of battery and illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.

According to the prosecutors report, Rees refused to stop as officers pursued him. A cabdriver pulled over in a position to block Rees, prosecutors said, and Rees kicked an approaching officer in the lower chest area with his right knee.

The cabbie grabbed Rees, prosecutors said, and Rees was pepper-sprayed when he continued to struggle against police and the cabdriver on the pavement. That resulted in the misdemeanor battery charge for what prosecutors deemed “rude, angry or insolent” contact.

In an article written Sunday by Fox Sports Pete Fiutak, whose articles are worth reading anytime they are posted, the question of just how Notre Dame plans on handling this mess is on the front burner in South Bend.  “Cover up” isn’t the right terminology to use for what the Irish have done their best over the past three years. No.  Because they have taken care of their problems simply by ignoring them, or by letting others judge, then ignoring them.

Just for fun and informational purposes, let’s look at the incidents at Notre Dame over the past three years.

  1. The Elizabeth Seeberg death.  10 days after reporting to campus police she’d been sexually assaulted by a Notre Dame Football player, rape crisis volunteers found her barely breathing in her dorm room.  She passed away later at a local hospital.  The player allegedly responsible never missed a game.
  2.  The death of Declan Sullivan who fell off scaffolding due to “unremarkable” weather conditions.  Coach Brian Kelly refuting allegations the wind was too high for anyone to be placed into that situation.  Even the Indiana Occupational Health and Safety Administration took Notre Dame to task for “knowingly putting its employees in an unsafe situation.”
  3. Then you have former wide receiver Michael Floyd, who was suspended last year for his drunken driving citations.  That suspension was inexplicably lifted in time for him to crank out a 12-catch, 154-yard, two score day in the 2011 opener against South Florida.

It’s easy to understand what Coach Brian Kelly is doing.  He wants to win football games and he doesn’t care how he does it.  Kelly has shown, in the way he left Cincinnati and Central Michigan, he will cut corners and turn the other cheek if it means another win or two.

Yet Notre Dame allows it to happen.  They are the adults, the moral authority.  A school that supposedly stands for more than just winning football games.  Now they just “turn the other cheek.”  It all continues.

As Dick Clark used to say, “and the hits just keep on coming!”

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