Redskins Appear to be Frontrunner for RG3

Slowly, surely and silently, the Washington Redskins are moving into position to trade into the second position of April’s 2012 NFL Draft.

All indications lately surrounded the Cleveland Browns and their apparent interest in Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.  It is widely agreed any team that wants Griffin would have to make a trade with St. Louis, who owns the second pick, in order to get him.  Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is the anticipated number one pick in the draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

After an outstanding showing at the Combine in Indianapolis over the weekend, Griffin has all but erased all doubts his talents will fit into the NFL nicely.  Griffin highlighted his efforts by a forty-yard dash time of 4.38.

Griffin can now sit back and watch his suitors offer up anything they can to the Rams.  Cleveland has three picks in the first 37, but their name has backed off in the past few days.  The new suitor now appears to be the Washington Redskins.

After a meeting between Griffin and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan at the combine, rumors began.  Griffin confirmed the conversation took place and he was “very” impressed with Shanahan.

By now everyone realizes the Rams have no use for Griffin.  They already have their franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford and new coach Jeff Fisher seems happy in sticking with the former Oklahoma signal caller.  So the Rams are entertaining offers for that second pick.

However, there is a chance the Rams could change their mind and trade Bradford.  The upside to Sam Bradford is that he is a true NFL-type pocket passer. He fits in the mold of Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, and that is exactly the type of talent most coaches want behind center.

The downside to Bradford is his giant contract. He came out of college the year before the new labor agreement and coinciding rookie pay scale went into effect. That means he will be making about double what last year’s first pick, Cam Newton, and this year’s likely first pick, Andrew Luck, will be making. That also means he is harder to trade and will probably bring in less than what Griffin will at number two.

There are two months to go before the NFL.  That isn’t stopping teams from talking and trying to move up.  Reports over the weekend in Indianapolis said the Redskins are “prepared” to make the Rams a massive offer, which includes their top three picks this year and “at least” their first-rounder next year, all too land to land Griffin III.

That kind of a deal would set up the Rams for years to come if they use them right.  That would make St. Louis the biggest winner of this draft, no matter who get’s drafted first or second.

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