Randy Moss is Known for Being a Phenomonal Worker?

Did anyone but me hear the absolutely ridiculous statements Matt Millen was saying last night about Randy Moss? I mean, seriously… here are some of the things I heard:

“People forget what a great football mind Moss has.”

“He is all about football.”

“He is one of the best teachers of football.”

“He should be a coach.”

And my favorite:

“He is a phenomenal worker.”

Is Matt Millen on something? He knows this was Randy Moss he was talking about, right? Randy Moss, who at one point during the (first time) he was with the Vikings, left the field before the game was even over, because he was disgusted at how the game was going. He was the player that watched a catchable pass right by him which could have won the game during (the second time) he was with the Vikings. This is the guy who is on his third team JUST THIS SEASON.

Phenomenal worker. Yeah.

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