Rams Ready To Trade #2 Pick?

It has been reported that the Rams are ready to move the number two pick, but, they’re still shopping for a buyer.  I’ve asked this before, but I’ll ask again.  How much is that pick worth nowadays?

Of course, the move would be made by another team to get RG3 to play quarterback, but, how much is another team willing to give up in order to have a chance to draft him?  I mean, the Falcons blew an entire draft to get Julio Jones.  So, what would you have to do to get a brand new, shiny quarterback?  I have no idea.

The Browns, Redskins, Dolphins, and Seahawks are all interested, and we know that each of those teams could use another quarterback, but, do any of them have what the Rams would want?  Would this trade be based solely on draft picks?  If that’s the idea, then how much would you give up?  A number one, another number one, and a two?  I mean, I can see how that would work, because, even though the Rams don’t need another quarterback, they have to be compensated as if they are in the market for one.  Otherwise, the compensation won’t make any sense.

Now, let’s assume that the Rams can trade this pick, is the team that gets RG3 going to be able to start him on day one?  Well, you know they’re going to anyways.  They don’t have a choice.  So many teams have thrown rookies right into the fire that this won’t be any different.

If he’s starting for Cleveland or Washington, it could get ugly.  The Dolphins have plenty of talent to go around, and the Seahawks have Pete Carroll who could help him develop.  However, that is all contingent on someone moving up to take him second.


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