Quarterback Battle To Ensue This Summer

There will be a quarterback battle in camp this summer and it is time to embrace it.     No Big Ben does not have any competition, though the Pittsburgh Steelers Currently have 5 quarterbacks on the roster.   If I did not know better, I would have thought John Gruden would be the Architect of this situation.

Charlie Batch has been the Steelers back up for years now, and he has been a good one.    He knows the offense, at least before it was just changed.     He knows the personnel and what they are capable of.     Most importantly, he has the confidence of the coaching staff.      Well…Maybe not so much.     The List of Quarterbacks on this Steelers Roster goes something like this.

  • Ben Roethlisberger-Starter for the Pittsburgh Steelers 
  • Charlie Batch-NFL Veteran out of Eastern Michigan
  • Byron Leftwich- NFL Veteran out of Marshall
  • Troy Smith -NFL Veteran out of Ohio State
  • Jerrod Johnson -Undrafted Free Agent

I am trying to figure out why so many of them have been signed.   Let’s first try to eliminate the QB’s we know are safe.   First off, Ben, Future Hall Of Famer, Super Bowl Winner, Drama King.    Charlie Batch, back up for many years and is getting older.   Not sure about him.     Byron Leftwich, the Steelers tried to have him as a back up but that never works because he is constantly hurt.    Troy Smith was signed in the winter for what seems to be no apparent reason because of his lack of success and his overall journeyman status.     He has decent arm, though his legs have always been his best attribute.     Jerrod Johnson on the other hand….I know absolutely nothing about.(of course I do, but for sake of the post, just roll with me please)

If you look at what those 4 guys bring to the offense, you now see why I say there will be a bit of a Quarterback Competition this late summer.    There has to be.     Batch is 37, and has seen his better days.     Not to mention he has been injury prone also so it is time to figure out who will be the future back up to Big Ben.     Why not figure it out now.   It’s not like this is baseball where all the contracts are guaranteed, they can have an open competition and then just cut the players that don’t make the cut.

Troy Smith and Jerrod Johnson are both active and running style QB’s and that is what they are known for.      Byron Leftwich on the other hand could not out run a tree stump.    Though, you will be hard pressed to find a better arm.    That said though, he has the longest throwing motion which has held him up in this league.    It then comes back around to Batch, who is older, but throws a good ball with touch though can not throw all that deep anymore.    And did we mention, he is older.

This year there will be a great Quarterback debate to unfold, just not one anyone outside the City Of Pittsburgh will care about.

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