QB Speculation Abounds

Speculation.  It keeps the NFL on the front page before, during and after the football season.  The weekend the playoffs begin and the off season starts for 20 of the 32 NFL teams.  It’s this time of year teams begin to look for ways to improve so they are playing this time next year.

The announcement by Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck to stay in school and get his degree  has changed the landscape of the off season.   Not only does it change the draft and open up who the top pick will be, but the development on two quarterback fronts happening currently.  Those quarterbacks being Donovan McNabb and Vince Young.

Different in style and substance, age and maturity, Young and McNabb will soon be throwing for a new team.  There is no doubt Washington will wants to sever ties with McNabb quickly, either by trade of by releasing him.  Tennessee has already set sail with Young.   Owner Bud Adams choosing to stay with coach Jeff Fisher instead of Young in order to keep peace in the Titans organization. 

It’s doubtful Young will go somewhere first.  Popular belief is McNabb is the most wanted of the two.  Based upon his experience and leadership.  The way McNabb handled his Washington situation has impressed many and even sold more teams on his worth.  Young is another story, walking out on his coach and his team. 

Young has been in trouble off an on since coming to the Titans.  He was a pick of Adams, who overruled his front office and drafted the Texas QB.  It is said Fisher was never sold on Young, and preferred Kerry Collins.  But Adams pushed for Young, even after the gun incident and apparent break down.  Fisher brought Young back slowly and started the season with him.  But when Young ran into trouble, Fisher turned to Collins again and then came the walk out.

Two teams are desperate for a quarterback this off season.  Minnesota and Arizona.  Even if Bret Favre wants to return next season, it’s highly unlikely the Vikings want to have anything to do with him.  A fresh start with a talented team and new coach is easier to sell the fans.  McNabb has long been a favorite of the Vikings and now might be the right place at the right time.  McNabb is the experienced leader that would help prolong their Super Bowl hopes.

Arizona is a different story.  They need a young quarterback to build around.  They could take a quarterback like Jake Locher, Ryan Mallett or Blaine Gabbert.  Or even sign Vince Young, use him as a stop gap and still draft one of the three.  If Arizona would pass on Young, an ironic stop could be Washington.  With the Redskins letting go of McNabb, they will need a QB.  Young might fit the system.

Another quarterback might muck up things.  Depending upon what Philadelphia does about Kevin Kolb could change the scenario everywhere.  Tennesee would love to take Kolb, so would Minnesota, Arizona and San Francisco.  But the Eagles could demand a first round pick for his services, and that is a steep price to pay for anyone.  Kolb has asked to be moved somewhere that he can start.  It’s almost certain Michael Vick will be given the franchise tag.  Which leaves what the Eagles will do with Kolb a mystery. 

Speculation and rumors are in the off season air around the NFL.  It will be interesting to see where Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb and Vince Young end up.  One thing is certain.   They will not be with their current teams.

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