Putting The Magic In The NFL

Staples Center & Magic Johnson
It has come to light in recent days that former NBA star Magic Johnson is interested in bringing the NFL back to LA.  The city has been without a team since 1994 when both the Rams and the Raiders left.  If anyone can get football back in LA, I think it could be Magic.

Johnson has just recently liquidated some of his assets including his ownership stake of the Lakers and his 105 Starbucks outlets.  He has some liquid cash now to the tune of over 100 million dollars.  That would certainly put him as a major player in any investment group he decided to form in order to pursue an NFL team in LA.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he would like a franchise back in LA but there are no current plans for one.  That could change rather quickly if Johnson were to put together a serious investment group.

Johnson has had talks with some NBA ownership groups reportedly including Golden State and the Pistons, but not much have come of those.  All it takes is a solid investment group and some community involvement with a stadium.  But if anyone can bring football back to LA, I would put my money on Magic.  I think it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

© photo credit: jiazi

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