PrintYes its only June 1 and some teams have just ended OTA’s but based on the projected over/under numbers for the NFC and AFC, we can get an idea about who Vegas expects to be competing for the Super Bowl next January.

AFC Playoff Picture – Division Winners

  • AFC East: New England Patriots – 10 wins
  • AFC Central – Baltimore Ravens – 9 wins
  • AFC South – Indianapolis Colts 10.5 wins
  • AFC West – Denver Broncos – 10.5 wins

AFC Playoff Picture – Wildcard Teams (2 from the following )

  • Pittsburgh Steelers / Kansas City Chiefs / Cincinnati Bengals / Houston Texans / Miami Dolphins / Buffalo Bills

So Colts and Broncos will battle it out for home field advantage while the Patriots and Ravens will host games wildcard weekend.

NFC Playoff Picture – Division Winners

  • NFC East: Dallas Cowboys  – 9.5 wins
  • NFC Central – Green Bay Packers – 11 wins
  • NFC South – New Orleans Saints –  9 wins
  • NFC West – Seattle Seahawks – 11 wins

NFC Playoff Picture – Wildcard Teams 

  • Philadelphia Eagles – 9.5 wins (plus 1 from the following )
  • Arizona Cardinals / Atlanta Falcons/ Carolina Panthers / Detroit Lions / New York Giants

So Packers and Seahawks will battle it out for home field advantage and the Cowboys and Saints will host games wildcard weekend.

What do you think of the projections? Who surprises you?





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