Pro Bowl Madness

Whoever thought that putting the Pro Bowl the weekend before the Super Bowl was a good idea needs to get a therapist.  It automatically eliminates any player who will be in the Super Bowl from playing in the Pro Bowl.  So, let’s say the Patriots and Falcons go to the Super Bowl this year – not a single one of their multiple players who made the Pro Bowl will be there.

Yes, the Pro Bowl isn’t really a game.  It’s a showcase that means nothing other than these players were picked as the best in the league for the past season.  It has no impact on records, or playoffs like the baseball All Star game. It’s a great trip to Hawaii for those who do go.  Nice little after season vacation for those not in the Super Bowl.  But is any player who participates going to give it his all and risk injury for next season?  Not a chance.  In fact, the award should be that, an award.  Like MVP.  No game, just an award that goes in the record books.

This year’s Pro Bowl players are an outstanding group.  It is a great award because of the fan participation in the voting.  It’s a great way to recognize outstanding play during the season.  But no game is necessary.  Especially one that means nothing and doesn’t contain a great number of players who will be in the next week’s Super Bowl.  Have a nice award plaque, a ceremony even, but let’s just drop the game….or the pretense of one.


  1. Evan Peters says:

    Absolutely agree!!

  2. Evan – Thanks for reading and commenting 😀

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