Preseason Day 3 Lessons

Once again, another night of preseason games and another night of lessons learned.  Preseason is a time for showing flashes of what your team will look like come the first game of regular season and also for letting the rookies have a chance to find out what it’s really like to play with the pros.

Packers vs Browns – For the Packers, Aaron Rogers was Aaron Rogers.  Steady and sure he was 6/8 for 74 yards and a TD.  The two GB backups were equally serviceable as well combining for 226 yards and a TD.  Greg Jennings caught his first TD pass of the year, but it surely won’t be his last.  On the other side, Colt McCoy was doing it all and looking good.  McCoy was 9/10 for 135 yards and a TD.  Hillis and Cribbs both had TDs.  Colt McCoy looks like a 2nd year QB on a mission.

Giants vs Panthers – All eyes were on Cam Newton in this game and he wasn’t awful going 8/19 for 134 yards.  he did miss on over half his attempts and in this league that’s not good.  However, starter Jimmy Clausen was not very good 4/7 for 69 yards 1 TD and 1 INT.   Derek Anderson performed the best out of the 3 going 3/4 for 71 yards and 1 TD.  For the Giants, Eli Manning looked a bit rusty going 4/9 for 36 yards.  Backup Sage Rosenfels 13/19 for 129 yards.

Bears vs Bills – Both of these teams have serious issues.  The Bears O line is still so bad that Cutler completed a single pass on his1 series in the game and was running for his life or getting up off the ground for the rest of it.  Cutler’s only contribution was a 10 yard run.  Rookie backup QB Nathan Enderle did better going 7/10 for 110 yards and 1 INT.  The Bills divided the QB duties between 4 players and none of them are anything to write about.  The Bills were only able to score a single field goal on the game.

Colts vs Rams – No Peyton Manning, no win for the Colts.  It’s just that simple.  Without him they are not an elite team.  He makes them competitive.  The longer he is out, the worse it is for the Colts.  Orlovsky got the most time under center for the Colts going 4/10 for 11 yards and 1 TD and 2 INTs.  The Rams fared much better with Sam Bradford going 7/12 for 45 yards and a TD.  Backup Rams QB AJ Feeley went 10/14 for 100 yards.  The Rams were running the ball in and throwing it in to score 33 points on the Colts.

Titans vs Vikings – Donovan McNabb made his Vikings debut with 6/11 for 40 yards.  Ponder and Webb were only slightly passable as his backups.  The Vikings could only put up a single field goal on the game.  The Titans tried out their new QB Matt Hasselbeck who went 5/6 for 55 yards.  Rookie backup Jake Locker performed admirably going 7/10 for 89 yards and 1 TD.  The Titans looked pretty good for their first game with a new QB.

Another day another set of lessons.  Only 1 more game left for the first week of preseason Jets/Texans on Monday Night Football.  I wonder what we will learn from that game….

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