Peyton Is Off To Another MVP Type Season

PeytonManning4Peyton Manning is off to a record breaking start to this NFL season. After picking apart the Raiders on Monday night in a 37-21 win, Manning has now thrown 12 touchdowns this season. That is an NFL record for most touchdowns through three games to start the season.

Manning has already thrown for 1,143 yards already this season with no interceptions and has an unfathomable 131.0 QB rating. If he kept this pace up he would throw for 6,096 yards and 64 touchdowns! Those are mind blowing numbers.

Against the Raiders on Monday night, Manning threw TD passes to Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas. Julius Thomas is so physically dominant that he might be the second best WR in the game at the moment after Detroit’s Calvin Johnson. Add Wes Welker is one of the best slot receivers to have ever played the game.

What helped Manning and the Broncos on Monday was the Denver running game which picked up 164 yards. With the running game working so well, Manning was able to use the play action pass to devastating effect as Raiders linebackers had to play the run.

How do you stop Manning and these Broncos’s wide receivers? It starts up front. Manning has lost two of his five starting lineman, so teams have to put pressure on him. Second, teams have to disrupt the Broncos passing game by jamming their receivers at the line of scrimmage and throwing of the timing of the routes. Third, teams have to stop the running game and make the Denver attack one-dimensional.

But looking at the Broncos schedule I don’t know what defense can do that. This coming weekend Denver plays a Philadelphia Eagles side that has not shown any ability to stop anyone this season. After the Eagles, Denver plays the Cowboys, Jaguars, Colts and Redskins before their bye week.

There are no good defenses in that stretch of games and it is conceivable that by their week 9 bye week that Manning has thrown close to 30 touchdowns.

If that is the case, then just hand Peyton Manning the MVP trophy at the half way point of the season.

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