Peyton IS Getting Cut

According to people within the Colts organization, Peyton Manning was informed by Jim Irsay that he will be cut.  That means that the Colts save the roster bonus that Peyton was due, and they are also very free to draft Andrew Luck and make him the golden boy the second he takes the stage at the draft when he is selected number one overall.

With Peyton leaving for sure, the Colts have no choice but to make Andrew Luck the franchise player and the golden boy.  However, is he really going to be the golden boy, or is he just going to be a nice player?

We won’t know yet.  Ryan Leaf was supposed to be awesome.  He was supposed to be so awesome that some people preferred him to be picked over Peyton Manning in 1998.  So, we’ll never know.  Now that’s not really an indicator of what could be Andrew Luck’s future.  I’m just saying that, anything is possible.  So, the Colts are taking a big gamble by letting Peyton go, but, for $28 million, you kind of have to be sure that a guy’s neck isn’t going to give out on the field.  If you can’t be sure–it’s time to move on.

So, now that it’s reality, there’s no trade.  There’s no compensation.  There’s no strings.  Peyton Manning can go wherever he wants.  Does Miami scoop him up instead of Flynn?  Does Washington take him because Flynn’s old OC is in Miami now?  We’ll just have to wait and see, but some people are going to throw a ton of money at this guy and pray beyond praying that he is going to come their way and hopefully put them over the edge for a Super Bowl title.

That’s all that Peyton has left to play for.  He’s got to catch up to his little bro sometime.



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