Penn State v Iowa Predictions

The Penn State football roundtable has been a staple of the Nittany Lion blog community for a long time and here are some of the predictions for this weekends Penn State v Iowa game:

Thomas Knauer:
I’m trying to be optimistic. This team has been hanging by a thread for a few weeks, and I fear that a loss could start a downward spiral which will last the remainder of the season. We could realistically lose 6 of our last 7 games if the staff loses control of the ship. A loss against Iowa, a team that only a handful of current players were even in the program when we last defeated them, would be potentially devastating.

On the other hand, crossing the Iowa hurdle could be the momentum changing moment to propel us to a decent finish in a less than stellar conference. This game is definitely a fork in the road. While I want to believe that we somehow redirect this season, logic and history pull me in the other direction. Iowa 17-13.

Bob Smith:
This game horrifies me. If the Lions are going to win it will be low scoring. I say the defense scores and the Lions win 17 to 10. The best hope Penn State has is to set back offfensive football to the time of leather helmets.

Bill Engel:
Outside of the Bama game, the Nittany Lions have not been playing with intensity which I place squarely on the coaches. I believe for a 3:30 game, the crowd will be fired up to beat Iowa which will translate to the players and we will see a little better performance from the offensive line. So it will be up to quarterbacks and receivers to make plays. If they do not, it could get ugly early because as good as our defense has been playing, they are banged up and Iowa is going to score some points.

If the passing game clicks, things will open up and the Lions will score some points as well. I am going to go with my heart and say Penn State 23 – Iowa 20.

Ali Soheilian:
I actually think that both of these teams will play some good football this weekend. Iowa has had our number, but I think this is the year we tag them back ( I know, I’m the only one who thinks this is a possibility this week). I think the QBs manage to get the offense going a little more efficiently this week, especially since the players will finally be focused to play an opponent. I think Penn State gets the win in a close one 24-17.

Michael Sedor:
Iowa +4 and the 45-point under but Penn State ekes out a close win. Thinking the intensity of the crowd will be at Alabama-first-half levels and will light a fire under the heretofore cant-be-bothered Nittany Lions.

What do you think the score will be?

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