Penn State To Get $22.6 million Payout From Big Ten

Penn State and the rest of the Big Ten members are set to receive an incredible $22.6 million from the Big Ten this year. That number dwarfs the $18.3 million SEC schools will reportedly earn and the $12 million Big 12 members will receive on average (Big 12 does not share revenue equally among its members) this fiscal year.

That is not the case under the Big Ten’s balanced revenue-sharing system, the numbers that Stu Durando of St Louis Today is reporting for Illinois can be applied to Penn State.

The breakdown of the Big Ten’s payment to Penn State includes $16.6 million from television, of which $8.2 million comes from ESPN and ABC.

The Big Ten Network will provide each school with a remarkable $7.9 million, which is almost equal to what the ESPN/ABC will pay. That is amazing because the BTN is only four years old and is huge 21% increase over last year’s $6.5 million share.

If you consider that by 2015, the BTN is projected to generate $333 million and that The Big Ten is poised to begin to renegotiate it’s television contract with ABC/ESPN, one that is set to expire in 2016, pretty soon. In light of recent TV agreements signed with the Pac-12, Big 12 and SEC, that number could very well be astronomical.

I would not be surprised if within 5 years that Penn State is receiving over $30m a year from the Big Ten.

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