Penn State 2012 Recruiting Class – Updated

As of today, this is what the Penn State class of 2012 looks like:

First Last Pos. Class Commit Date
Anthony Stanko OL FR 3/19/2011
Brent Wilkerson TE FR 3/26/2011
Jesse James TE FR 3/28/2011
Brian Gaia DL FR 5/9/2011
Derek Dowrey DT FR 6/25/2011
Austin Johnson DT FR 6/25/2011
Nyeem Wartman LB FR 7/9/2011
Jake Kiley DB FR 7/27/2011
Eugene Lewis WR FR 8/10/2011
Malik Golden WR FR 8/24/2011
Jamil Pollard DL FR 12/29/2011
Jordan Lucas DB FR 1/16/2012
Akeel Lynch RB FR 1/22/2012
DaQuan Davis CB FR 1/22/2012
Trevor Williams WR FR 1/22/2012
Jonathan Warner WR FR 1/22/2012
Steven Bench QB FR 1/24/2012
Wendy Laurent OL FR 1/24/2012
Evan Schwan DE FR 1/28/2012


By position, the commitments break down as follows: QB – 2, RB – 1, WR – 4 (Malik Golden is being looked at here by the Penn State staff, but a switch to DB is entirely possible), TE – 2, OL – 2, DL – 4, LB – 1, DB – 3. Certain positions have been stocked well (WR, DL), but there are still needs in this class.

Another offensive lineman would be a plus, as well as at least one more defensive back. A second running back would be nice, but unlikely. With only Derek Moye leaving the receiving corps, there is a good possibility that at least one of the four wide receivers in the class will move to the secondary.

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