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Jet All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis was a no show at Thursday OTA team practice.  Revis stated last month that his agents were evaluating the Jets latest contract proposal last month.  They must have decided it was less than satisfactory.  While OTAs are voluntary, questions abounded for Jets coach Rex Ryan on why Revis wasn’t there.  He confirmed the absence but said nothing else.  Revis was all “we are family” in previous interviews regarding the team, OTAs, and the possibility of holding out.  Apparently, pay me and we are family don’t mix.

Revis stated in the past that he wanted to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL.  He is scheduled to make 1 million dollars this year.  He said he was a team leader and wanted to be part of the OTAs.  Somehow, his concept of team leader and mine don’t mesh.  If he’s a leader and he, as he stated in the past, that holding out wasn’t something he was thinking about and that the Jets are his family, why was he not there?  Seems to me to be a lot of talk and then no action.

Revis said that the Jets told him they would have some kind of contract worked out before training camp in August.  So why is he already starting holdout behavior before even giving them a chance to work it out?  Does he think his pay me attitude and dysfunctional family mentality will prod them into making an offer sooner, like tomorrow?  I seriously doubt it.  If anything, it makes him look like yet another greedy, me first, me second, team somewhere down the line athlete.

Revis had a good 2009.  His performance earned him his first All-Pro selection and second Pro Bowl appearance.  But does that translate into deserving to be the highest paid cornerback in the entire NFL?  I’m not so sure.  I do think his hold out mentality is a bit ridiculous given his statements of the past.  Be consistent.  Put on your Pay Me t-shirt and stick with what you really think….and forget the insincere lip service.

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  1. I have been waiting for Revis to start going down this path. He has received all this press that he is the best cover guy in the NFL and you knew it was only a matter of time before his agents demanded that he got paid like one.

  2. But is he truly? Is he worth the money and also worth the holdout headaches?? I’m not sure…just wondered what others think about him.

    • http://David says

      Oh I don’t think that he is the best cover guy in the NFL, but he has the best marketing of any corner in the league

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