Pats the Pick in the AFC East

General consensus around the NFL is the AFC East is the toughest division and hardest to pick.  Many like New England, others like the New York Jets.  Can Miami be a contender?  And the winners of this division could probably have the home field advantage for the playoffs.  The Jets and Patriots will push each other every week and that is good for the divisional race.

  1.  New England was 8-0 at home last year and finished 14-2, yet they couldn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs.  That didn’t sit well with Bill Belichick or Tom Brady.  The opening for another title in the Brady era is closing, so Belichick did what everyone expected.  The team brought in Chad Ochocinco as the “go-to” receiver for Brady.  Then brought in Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins to bolster their defensive line.   Keep in mind the Patriots have never won a Super Bowl without Mark Vrable.  This could be the season.  The Pats should win the division with a 13-3 record.
  2. The New York Jets are a very highly publicized team.  Both by their coach Rex Ryan and the media.  Are they deserving?  Well that will be left to the field this year.  Ryan does a good job of getting his team ready and hitting the right buttons to motivate them.  Mark Sanchez should be ready to take another step forward in his development as a quarterback and leader of this team.  By no means is he in the same league as a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but do his talents match what a team needs to get to the Super Bowl?  Those in this corner doubt it.  This will be the year for him to turn it on, if he can.  The Jets defense will be tough to move against.  The Jets should finish at 12-4, a game behind the Pats.
  3. Miami is a team in search of an identity.  Do they pass, run, play tough defense?  None of the above.  Miami will go with Chad Henne again at quarterback.  He needs a fast start to make sure the fans stay off his back.  Coach Tony Sparano barely kept his job last year.  A slow start might mean the axe for him quickly.  Larry Johnson is returning and he may end up being the best pick up for the Dolphins in the off season.  All in all, the Dolphins have more question marks than they do exclamation points.  Take Miami for third and a record of 8-8.

4.  Finally the Buffalo Bills.  No quarterback, running back or defense.  Really the team has nothing to hang their hats on this season.  The Bills are in danger of moving also.  Los Angeles may be their next destination.   Ralph Wilson is not getting any younger and he may want to sell the team before it is sold for him after his passing.  Buffalo is a proud franchise, but one that went 4-12 last year.  Last place is a safe bet and a record of 3-13.  And with that record comes the number one draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Hello Andrew Luck in Buffalo, or Los Angeles


  1. http://Jim%20Bloom says

    Appears you need a new writer with more knowledge of football. Their paragraph on the Bills is way out of line. No I do not think the Bills will win the Super Bowl but they will be better than your writing implies.

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