Patriots Games

The Patriots have lost 2 games in a row and played terrible in both.  All kinds of theories are popping up as to why.  I’ve even come up with a few myself, some may be more plausible than others.

I think that there are 2 things at play.  One is that the defense is not good.  They haven’t been good all season long.  The Patriots have gotten wins on the backs of the offense.  The defense has just not made the plays they need to make.  It’s just that simple.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s something that can be completely corrected.  The players the Patriots have on defense are the players they have.  They can’t do anything about that for the most part during the season.  If these players decide to start playing better that’s all well and good, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  So, going forward the fans need to stop wishing for a better defense, there isn’t one on this team right now.  The fact that the defense is playing poorly also affects the offense.  It puts more pressure on them to “bring the team back” every time they take the field.  The poorly playing defense also gets into the offense’s minds while they are on the sidelines and that can also figure in to how the offense plays.

The other thing is that there are several players on the offense who have found themselves either plastered all over the Internet or arrested by the police in recent days.  First, Rob Gronkowski gets his picture taken with a porn star and that gets plastered all over the Internet.  Needless to say, this is NOT how the Patriots do things.  Gronkowski apologized but the damage was done and in some circles it’s still making the rounds.  Then Julian Edelman was at a club and “allegedly” grabbed some girl below the waist and was arrested for indecent assault.  This is definitely not the way the Patriots do things.  Then there’s Ochocinco.  Even though little has come out about how things are going with him and the Patriots locker room, one has to wonder if his on the field nonproduction carries over.  So, add all these things together and you’ve got the Patriots who do things the Patriots way, Brady, Welker, Branch and others and those who are causing trouble to visit the Patriots door.  That’s got to cause tension.  Edelman fumbles.  Gronkowski has had few looks since his incident.  Tom is throwing interceptions.  Things are just OFF.  Things are just not right.

There are those who suggest that it’s because Tom cut his hair, its trouble at home for Tom and Giselle, its all Ochocinco’s fault.  I’ve even contemplated that maybe the Patriots were taken over by aliens.  Regardless, there is something that’s going on.  Yes, the defense is bad but that doesn’t explain everything that is going on.  There’s something else and if the Patriots want to make it to the post season they better get a handle on it and quick.

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