Parcells Disappointed In Henne

Within one week of Bill Parcells stepping down from his general manager post of the Miami Dolphins, inside sources claim that the Tuna was disappointed with the development of young starting quarterback Chad Henne. Henne, who is entering his third season as an NFL player, struggled to find much success last season in 14 games. The former Michigan man finished the year with a 7-7 record replacing Chad Pennington after two weeks of action. And outside of divisional play, Henne did not beat a single team that was deemed playoff worthy last season. The quarterback finished the season with 12 touchdowns and 14 interceptions and the Dolphins floundered to a 7-9 record under the first year starter.

And yes, the same guy that was overly critical of rookie Tim Tebow playing NFL football threw for 12 touchdowns and 14 interceptions last season which leads me to the obvious question… why was a Henne worried about any football player’s career but his own?

And if John Elway, Jim Kelly, or any other Hall of Fame former NFL quarterback was critical of Tebow, I would happily listen to what they have to say. But in reality these former Pro Bowlers had only positive things to say about the former Gator and supported the Heisman winner entering the league as a QB. Henne, on the other hand, isn’t a quarterback that has ever done anything in the NFL of note and the twenty five year old has yet to prove that he is a true NFL quarterback much like Tebow hasn’t either.

Apparently, the Tuna felt that the team could do better then the Michigan man and I’m sure his close friendship with Chad Pennington hasn’t helped the way he feels about Henne at the helm. I’m sure this recent development had nothing to do with Parcells departure (Parcells rarely sticks around a program for longer then three or four years anyway), but the Dolphins could be moving in the wrong direction due to lacking a quality starting quarterback. Henne is still young and this season could prove to be better then last, but with Brandon Marshall joining the mix excuses will not be tolerated this season.

Henne was bestowed one of the few elite receivers in the game this off season and patience will waiver if the quarterback struggles early on in the 2010 season. This could be a make or break year for Tony Sparano’s Dolphins and perhaps more importantly Chad Henne in Miami. After all the guy needs to prove he is worthy of being a starter in the NFL. Just like Tim Tebow needs to by the time he is 25 or 26 years old too.

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