Parcells Back with ESPN

He has come and left like a thief in the night.  For good or bad, Bill Parcells has left the Miami Dolphins entirely and is open to take over another team in need if overhauling.

Parcells was hired as the Director of Football Operations for the Dolphins in 2007.  Taking over a team that was mired in mediocrity and turning it into a competitive football team without ever returning to the sidelines.  Parcells was responsible for the hiring of General Manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano.

Parcells turned control of Miami’s football operations over to Ireland shortly before last season, then took a leave of absence in October to decide his future.  He later cleaned out his office and stopped working at the Dolphins’ complex, but still served as a consultant.

What he will do now is not known, except he is scheduled to do one 90-minute draft special for ESPN, based upon the inner workings of the draft.  This will be the third time Parcells has worked for the Sports Television network.  However according to Parcells and ESPN, this is the only thing he is scheduled to do for the network.

According to a released statement, Parcells hopes his show gives fans insights on “how difficult it is to draft successfully” on a consistent basis.

“I’m prepared to talk about the players in this year’s draft. I know the strengths of the class, and I know the quarterbacks well. None of the quarterbacks are ‘can’t miss’ prospects,” says Parcells. “There are certain attributes that some of these guys possess that aren’t evident to the naked eye. Some of the attributes will carry them forward to a successful career and some will be prohibitive to that happening.”

Parcells has made a habit of taking over football teams that were sub-standard and turning them around.  Then he leaves.  He took over the Giants and won a pair of Super Bowls.  After leaving New York, he took the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl, but left in a contract dispute after the game.  Later he took over the Jets and Cowboys, only to leave without another appearance in the big game.

As a head coach, Parcells recorded 172 wins against 130 losses and one tie.  His Super Bowl wins are still talked about.  The first being a domination of the Denver Broncos.  The second coming against Buffalo in the “Wide Right” game.  The 69 year old Parcells was also 11-8 in playoff games.

The 90-minute taped special will air Tuesday, April 26 from 9:30pm to 11pm EDT, two days before the start of the 2011 NFL Draft on April 28, which ESPN will cover with the NFL Network.  Also during the show Parcells will talk with Mike Tirico, dissecting each team’s needs and wants.

Parcells contract is up with the Dolphins, effectively making him a free agent, Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said Thursday.  It is doubtful any team will contact Parcells now for a position until the labor issues are dealt with and a new CBA is signed.  Once that is done, most teams will stand pat with their front office until after the season.

For now, Parcells is back in the studio overseeing the NFL and its movements.  But that may be only for the time being.


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