Palmer Wants Out Of Bengals

Carson Palmer had already made it plain to the Bengals that he wanted out.  He told them he wanted a trade.  In January, Bengals owner Mike Brown flatly refused saying that Palmer was crucial to the team’s plans.  Palmer now is ready to quit football entirely if necessary to get out of the Bengals.

Palmer obviously feels as if the situation with the Bengals is completely unworkable.  He does not think that going back is an option whatsoever.  In a TV report this week, it was reported that Palmer stated he was confident that he would never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again.  Palmer made it clear that he has plenty of money in the bank (a reported 80 million) and he can live quite comfortably on it for the rest of his life.  He also made it clear that he does not need to play football anymore for the money.  He now plays only for the love of playing and wanting to win.  So, his fight with the Bengals isn’t over money.  It’s because he honestly feels that for whatever reasons, and I am sure there are MANY, that he can no longer play for them, ever again in fact.

Palmer himself has not said a word to the media directly.  He stated his case to the Bengals and they countered with a flat no way to the trade request.  His agent David Dunn released a statement saying that “because of the lack of success that Carson and the Bengals have experienced together, Carson strongly feels that a separation between him and the Bengals would be in the best interest of both parties.”  Palmer wants out and he will apparently do whatever he has to in order to get out.

Palmer was the overall first pick in 2003 and he led the Bengals to the playoffs in 2005 and 2009, which are their only winning records in the past 20 years.  Palmer has battled through knee and elbow injuries while playing for the Bengals.  He had an abysmal 2010 as did the Bengals.  Terrell Owens blamed everyone in the Bengals organization for the poor showing, except himself.  There is always more to a story, but for this one I think it’s a combination of too many chiefs, too much constant whining and nagging from over rated receivers, some behind the scenes things going on with management, and not enough on the field decisions being made by Palmer himself.  Regardless, Palmer is done with the Bengals that is all but certain.


  1. http://Brian%20Hall says

    Nice article. I’d say the Bengals biggest problem is their owner. They are the only NFL franchise that doesn’t have a traditional scouting agency and often Mike Brown seems to be the one calling the shots for who the team signs and who plays on the field. Palmer has been given a bad deal by being stuck there, but he hasn’t exactly done well either. Palmer should move to the NFC West where he can enjoy being surrounded by mediocre QB’s and then he might actually make it back to the postseason. Also the fact this guy has made over $80 million dollars (despite having won zero playoff games in his career) is further proof to why these guys all need to make less money when drafted out of college.

    • I agree that their owner is a huge problem, maybe the main one. But I do think that the plethora of wide receivers, two of which are ego driven maniacs, doesn’t help anything on the field. And you are right about the money. I hope the new CBA will address that. Just too much money all the way around leading to a whole host of problems 🙂

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