Pagano: Colts Are Ahead Of Schedule

chuck-pagno-coltsThe Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is very pleased with how his teams looks as the Colts enter their second week of OTAs.

“We are further ahead, I think, then we’ve ever been at this point in any offseason, since we’ve been here.” Pagano told reporters yesterday.

The Colts have made the postseason, and advanced a round further in each year under Pagano, including last year when they made it to the AFC Championship game before losing to the New England Patriots in what has now know as Deflategate.

With the turmoil in New England and the injuries to the offensive line in Denver, the Colts are becoming one of the preseason favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl as they have Andrew Luck, and added several offseason veteran free agents like Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, and Trent Cole.

Could this be the Colts year? Many think so, and it is easily to see why with the way Luck has developed and the talent the front office has added around him in the last few months.

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