Pacman Jones Is The Perfect Person To Address The Rookie Symposium

The NFL holds a rookie symposium every year to help new players learn how to deal with being in the league, deal with personal conduct, deal with money, etc.  It’s a very good idea because the new players in the NFL need to get practical advice on how to deal with playing in the NFL and all that goes along with it.  Pacman Jones agreed to join a panel discussion at the symposium, smartly, and I love his explanation:


“The message is, this is not a joke. At the end of the day you have to treat it like a business, and you’re a business owner, and every decision you make is a reflection of you.”

So, all the time we spend ripping guys who make stupid decisions, we can see that many of them learn in the end.  This is very good.  I mean, he was a great player who derailed his career by making bad decisions, and he’s part of the reason there is a personal conduct policy at all.  So, this guy giving such a measured and wise reason to want to speak with the rookies, then, yeah, I think he should be commended for doing it at all.  Because, you know that he’s going to have to answer some hard questions about why he did what he did and why he did it and how it effected his career.

So, will this get through to the new rookies?  Probably not.  I think most of us have to learn by failing.  I think we have to look for the way in which we are going to make it and when we’ve fallen down enough times, we’ll know how to get back up because we’ll have gotten so good at it.  That’s what Pacman has done.  Good for him.  Let’s hope the rookies listen.


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