Over Reaching

The NFL Supplemental Draft will be held on Monday.   It had been postponed in order to give NFL commish Roger Goddell time to study Terrelle Pryor’s infractions at Ohio State.  Pryor will be allowed in.

But in a massive case of over reaching, Goodell said that any team that drafts Pryor will be subjected to him serving out a 5 game suspension.  Wait, what? Goodell has decided to enforce Pryor’s college penalty on an NFL team? I don’t think he can do that.  Well I guess he can, but I doubt it stands up once Pryor is officially a member of the NFL and the NFLPA get a hold of it.

I understand that Goodell is trying to make some semblance of punishing college athletes who violate the rules, but this is just over reaching plain and simple.  An enforcement of a college penalty at the NFL level – just to make a “show” of doing something to combat the rampant rules breaking in the NCAA rather than just giving athletes a pass who come into the NFL.  But this is not the way to do it.

If the NFL truly wants to make a show of doing something in regards to the NCAA rules then they should make new rules, guidelines, whatever for the admitting of players into the NFL.  They should put some regulations in place about allowing players who violate the rules into the draft in the first place.  If a player is caught violating the rules, then maybe they have to wait a year to go into the draft.  Make it some kind of tangible punishment effect on the players.

Many people want to give the players a pass in all the wrong doing saying that they are just kids.  Saying that some of them break the rules to support families.  Saying that it’s the adults fault alone.  No it isn’t.  The players know the rules.  They know the right and the wrong.  They choose, for whatever the reason, to break the rules.  They are just as culpable and they should be held just as responsible.  The only thing that the star athletes would be affected by is not being allowed to transition immediately to the next level free of consequences.  But the NFL is a business and that is not going to happen….ever.

That said, what Goodell has done with Pryor is over reaching.  It is his attempt to make a show of responding to the NCAA rules violation explosion.  But it is probably not legal and it probably won’t stand once the NFL PA gets involved.  While the NCAA rules remain, the NFL can look into doing other things to make players responsible for rules breaking but it would be just another sham as the NFL doesn’t hold it’s own players responsible for the most part.  But over reaching is not the answer.


  1. The NFLPA already gave it’s blessing to the punishment, so there will be NO appeal by Pryor. Or didn’t you investigate the material?

    • I did not see that this had happened until after I wrote this. Previously, his lawyer was considering appeal. However, that said….I believe it is STILL over reaching to apply the college penalty in the NFL and just a “show” on the part of Goodell using Pryor as an example. Will other college players be subjected to the same penalties for violating the rules when they come into the draft? I seriously doubt it. Irregardless, the NCAA is fast becoming an irrelevance and in a few years none of this will matter as there will no longer be ANY rules in college football as it will have changed completely. Thanks for reading and pointing out the error.

  2. I also don’t understand the NFLPA’s approval of this….are they all in this together to make a show of being tough on college violation wrongdoers? To what end? Obviously they have no issue with Caleb King. Just Pryor. I guess he wants in the NFL regardless of how he is being used as a show puppet.

  3. There was an article before yours on the same subject that had the correct information in it.

    • Unfortunately I do not read all the articles posted on the site before I write mine. And others here do not either resulting in multiple articles on the same topics. However, this morning on SportsCenter and on the NFL.com website, Pryor’s lawyer again states he plans to appeal – http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82192eb6/article/pryors-lawyer-plans-to-appeal-qbs-fivegame-suspension

      “(Commissioner Roger Goodell) indicated that we have the right to appeal within three days after Terrelle signs an NFL contract, and given some of the developments both in reaching the decision and comments out of the (NFL Players Association) regarding the decision, I think it’s likely that we will file an appeal, and give the Players Association an opportunity to make it’s objections to this on the record,” Cornwell said.

      Citing a union source, NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported the NFLPA was prepared to fight any suspension levied on Pryor that related to his actions as a collegian.

      The article on NFL.com was posted today just minutes ago.

  4. Since I follow Breer on Twitter I had read about this potential appeal yesterday when he said it would probably be forthcoming. Hence, my point of view in the article I wrote is correct based on that information. The NFLPA was SAID to have agreed to all this by Roger Goodell’s office….perhaps they weren’t as agreeable as they would have the public believe. Regardless, Pryor’s lawyer stated the above this morning.

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