Out On A Limb

So, the Washington Redskins have made an offer to Brian Westbrook.  I have decided that I’m renaming Mike Shanahan, Coach Out On A Limb.  The team is gambling that Donovan McNabb at his age can be a better quarterback than someone several years younger.  Now, they intend to gamble that Westbrook can offer the team something they don’t already have at age 30.

The Redskins are running back heavy.  They have Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker already on their roster.  Westbrook has been injured and off the field more than he has played in recent memory.  He has had two serious concussions and an injured knee.  At 30, he is not old by any standard outside of football, but in football with his injury history – he is bordering on ancient.  Coach Out On A  Limb is going so far out it just may snap shortly.

Westbrook’s younger brother Byron already plays for the Redskins as a cornerback.  Donovan McNabb and Westbrook are friends off the field.  But I’m just not sure that this benefits the team in any concrete way to bring him on.  Are they going to run the ball that much that they can make use of FOUR running backs regularly?  I don’t think so.  I know Shanahan loves to run the ball…but that’s bordering on ridiculous.  And where does it benefit Westbrook to go to a team already overflowing with runners?  Does he want to sit on the bench a lot?  He’s already been doing that.  Does he want to risk another serious concussion?  Let’s hope not.

Coach Out On A Limb…needs to seriously rethink this decision.  It truly benefits no one except maybe to bring Donovan a friend to talk to and Byron his brother…outside of that it’s pretty close to crazy.

© photo credit: Peter McCarthy

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